The benefits at a glance

Easy and quick to learn

New users can be productive within a very short time.

Low follow-up costs

No costly, time-consuming training is necessary, and there are no other hidden costs.

Easy to use

The user interface is self-explanatory and adapted to practical requirements.

Complete 3D package with full 2D functionality

Direct modeling

Editing the model directly without having to consider parametric relations means freedom and flexibility. Designers can thus respond swiftly to changing conditions without being hampered by the history tree.

The designer has the freedom to choose

MegaCAD lets the user select the most effective method of proceeding by uniting both approaches in a single program. Feature-based design and direct modeling with local operations complement each other perfectly.

Direct modeling

3D objects can be edited directly using local operations. The changes remain local and do not affect the design as a whole.

Fast, intuitive and flexible design method

Command cursor

The command cursor permits 2D and 3D elements to be modified by simply clicking directly on the geometry. This offers significant advantages: Designers can respond flexibly to changing conditions without being hampered by the history tree or a missing parameter.

2D derivatives

Views and sections can be derived from a 3D model as required, with automatic updates when the 3D design is edited.


MegaCAD is a highly flexible tool, even in its basic version without additional modules.

Design aids, intelligent user guidance

Context-sensitive menus offer functions relevant to the current operation.

Hybrid model

2D/3D edge, 3D surface and 3D solid models are available. MegaCAD provides a uniform user experience for all models.

Free-form surfaces

Powerful free-form model for advanced design requirements.

Collision checking

Test the installation of new assemblies on-screen.

Direct data interchange

with any of the many CAD/CAM applications that are also based on ACIS. In addition, numerous mature interfaces are available (HPGL, DXF, DWG, CDL, IGES, 3DS, STL, VDAFS)